After treatment, I found that my bitch 'Myrtle, was for more relaxed. She seemd to enjoy the procedure (she can be timid at times with new things). She appeared to be far more comfortable when moving and I think that the whole procedure was beneficial to her.

I would recommend massage to anyone who had an injured animal and also found that Elizabeth Ford was knowledgeable on all aspects of the dog. Also, she has a very good rapport with animals in general and canines in particular.

C Dennis


Jess was in considerable pain and lacked mobility. She walked hesitantly and plodded. She now bounces along, can take much longer walks and bound upstairs instead of dragging herself up. She get up from a lying position readily and easily. We are absolutely delighted with the improvement and so grateful to Lizzie Ford for her skill and care.

September 2007


I have been very pleased with the massage therapy that Jack has received. I have seen a great improvement in Jack's leg and how he's used to it, he's nowhere near as stiff as he was and my hydrotherapist has noticed that he has more movement in his leg.

I felt that Jack really enjoyed his sessions and got on really well with Elizabeth, they seem to have a good bond. The exercises that were suggested were very manageable and helpful to Jack's progress and were great fun to do.

I would definitely like to continue to use a massage therapist and would definitely recommend Elizabeth Ford to other people, friends and family.

Norma Thompson, October 2007


Tarot has really enjoyed his massage treatments, Elizabeth handled him really well, bringing with her treats and biscuits, making Tarot a lot more relaxed and trusting of her. I have been please with the results which I have noticed. Tarot is a lot more free in his front action which is noticeable in his obedience training. He appears to be much more animated in everything he does!

Elizabeth has given me exercises to do with Tarot which I think will be helpful, I would certainly consider further treatments and wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Sally Porter, October 2007

Metropolitan Police and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

Elizabeth treats working police dogs for both the Metropolitan Police and HM Revenue & Customs.